Weekend trip to the Bavarian Alps


There is one thing I really miss from Sweden, the nature. Yes, it is amazing to go for a walk or a ride along the beach in Marbella but to get out in the forests of the northern countries,  that is really wow. I never appreciated it when I lived there. I have climbed La Concha mountain here in Marbella twice and it is really something I recommend you to do! It’s a nice hike and not to hard so most people can get all the way to the top and enjoy the view of the Costa del Sol. Last weekend I went for the second time to the Bavarian Alps and we climbed the peak Jenner in Königsee. It is 1871 meters high. We also went on a boat trip on the lake. The nature was completely mesmerizing, like in a fairy tale. Check out some of the hundreds of photos I took!!!


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