Fashion show charity lunch

Friday the 4th May, it was time again for the second year running ladies fashion show charity lunch against Human Trafficking! I am very competitive person so everything I do have to be better than the previous time. And of course it was ūüôā This year I also had the help of my new partner Madelaine, who recently joined my little “one-woman-band” and has been fantastic. With the support of all the amazing women that attended , me and Madelaine, raised just over 5500 euros including two children sponsorships, which is 650 euros each.

Last year we had 90 guests and this year close to 120 guests. Gunnel’s Fashion and Nina B had an amazing fashion show and being a big fan of their clothes, it was lovely to work with both Nina and Gunnel.

This year we also had the pleasure to try out a new venue, The View Bar, located at Centro Plaza, just next to both clothes shops. The food and service was great and with music by DJ Russell, the day couldn’t have been better. Well maybe the rain drops that came for a short moment could have stayed away but even so the day was a success.

Also, I made a new friend, Julie Miles. A wonderful person and a fantastic designer of jewellery. She helped us raise more money with her donation beautiful bracelets that we sold during the day. For those of you who missed them, she will be at Nikki Beach gala with us again and I also have some that she left with us until then.

Below you will find many, many photos from this fantastic event! Enjoy and have a lovely day !!! ©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©



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