First event of the year

Tonight is the night! Gibraltar here I come 🙂

It has been a hectic last month in order to get this gala just right. Being the first time I move my events out of Marbella and seek a new audience, I have had to work very hard. To organise a charity event without spending any money is not always easy but for me this is also half the challenge. I insist that nobody should make a profit out of charity so I will only work with people who do this out of the goodness of their heart.

First step, find a suitable venue; beautiful, luxurious, professional and willing to do a breakeven cost for their menu. I found my perfect venue at the elegant yacht hotel Sunborn Gibraltar. Next step is entertainment and what is better than a fashion show? So I contacted my great friend Caroline Azzi who makes the most beautiful custom made jewellery and beach wear to take on this event with me. We were recommended to contact the most elegant dress, wedding and gala wear shop on Gibraltar to take part in the show; Diamond Occasions and I am so pleased they said yes. From here on we were 3 strong girls on board to create something amazing for this big night and I think we did it!

A big part is to find the right guests for an event and that is also very hard when you don’t have the contacts. I approached some of the key women around Gibraltar and Sotogrande and when they heard about Maiti Nepal, they were more than happy to attend the event and also invite friends.  Working with this charity never disheartens me, even though I see all the torture and violence the children and women of Nepal go though. I always try to focus on seeing the good. I see all the beautiful people that come together and work to end this crime.  I have made some fantastic new friends this last month while working on this gala. Also approaching local businesses for help with everything from auction donations, flower center pieces, welcome drinks, models for the fashion show, hair dresser and make up and the response and help has been huge. Thanks to (in no particular order)  Patricia Darch Interior, Saccone & Speed, Susan’s aesthetic service, Loveliest Flowers, Miss Gibraltar Pageant, Davinia Cano, singer Tmar, WiGoGo, Blue Sky Super cars, Bianca Zammit of Little Divas, Irene Rosenblatt, singer Claire Hawkins, hairdresser Nikki Antcliff and photographer Witto Ellul, all the models and of course Caroline Azzi and Diamond Occasions. I am so grateful for your help along the way to make this event a success!

Last but not least, the big surprise for the night is that we have a huge world star with us tonight….Sheyla Bonnick, founder of the world famous group BoneyM and she will perform together with S’Iza.

I always hold big hopes for every event I organise. Hope keeps us motivated and I truly hope we will raise a lot of money for the children of Maiti Nepal tonight ♥

invitacion sunborn high res




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