Marbella in red alert

15327513_10157911543990118_3870834759138276874_nJust arrived home after 10 days holiday to Sweden and a most amazing trip to Iceland. Unfortunately I have returned to a Marbella and Costa del Sol in complete rain chaos and flooding. So my holiday blog posts will have to wait a few days. When we landed in Malaga my phone was bombarded with videos and photos of the disasterous morning many of my friends had woken up to. During 12 hours up to 200 l/ m3 had fallen. My pick up had not been able to leave home with the car as large parts of Nueva Andalucia was under water. I called taxi Marbella and they could not confirm if I would be able to get to my house. They recommended me to take the airport bus to Marbella and hope for the best. After waiting for the bus and making my way back the rain luckily calmed down so taxi could take me from the bus station and home. My apartment is on the first floor so it was luckily fine but my heart goes out to so many people and animals that have been badly affected. It is a very scary feeling to see this right on your door step. The tunnel under San Pedro under water, garages flooded and cars floating down rivers. Part of the Swedish school under water. A picture says more than a 1000 words so take a look at the images below. I also want to say that help is needed, both housing, warm clothes, food and aid with evacuating animals in refuge shelters along the coast: Help Costa del Sol after rain disaster

The rain has picked up again and seems to continue for the night:-(


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