San Pedro Feria

img_8821In October every year we enjoy the feria of San Pedro de Alcántara. It is a big event with both parades, fun fair rides and many restaurants and party tents. It is the time for the Spanish women to bring out their flamenco dresses and dance the sevillana along the streets. You see so many colorful dresses of all shapes and forms and even many the small girls are beautifully dressed up. One day a huge parade with orchestra, voluntary scouts and horses take place through the streets of town. If you enjoy a bit of culture this is an event worth visiting. This year me and my girlfriend got our flamenco dresses out and visited one of the nice tents with Spanish music, enjoyed some Spanish tapas while admiring the beautiful dresses on display. On previous years I have joined the parade on my horse Tango, equally fun 🙂img_8818dsc_4658

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