Marbella weekend

Most people will relate to Marbella as a party place and yes, if you want party, you will certainly find it here. I must say that I have done my fair share of Marbella partying but now I don’t really find it as fun as I used to. Maybe I am getting old hahaha. I just feel Marbella has so much more to offer. Don’t get me wrong though, I love to dress up and go for a nice dinner and occasionally I will have a late night out with the girls but I much rather get up in the morning, have a nice breakfast on my balcony followed by a morning hack out on my horse Tango. Horse riding in Spain is beautiful. Off season, we can ride along the beach and some of the horses will even walk out in the sea. Tango is too scared of the waves, bless him. Early morning, the view is often clear so we can see both Gibraltar and the coast of Morocco and sometimes we will set up a small pic nick on the beach with the horses tied up next to us.

Weekend is my time to recharge myself after the hectic week at work along with an early morning gym routine. I try to make as little weekend plans as possible so I can just do whatever I feel like. Today though, I had accepted an invite to a big Swedish “get together” lunch at Victor’s beach, which is one of the most well known chiringuitos on the coast. Known for their amazing grilled sardines!! I must say it was the perfect end to a relaxing weekend. Great food, nice company, live music and the best view of all the sail boats, yachts and paddle boarders!

Tomorrow the alarm goes at 6.15 am, weekend is over, it’s gym time 🙂 so night night ❤

Victor’s Beach



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